Monster Men Movie Reviews and Tribute to Christopher Lee


Let’s get caught up with the latest episodes of Monster Men. We finally made it back into Studio 13 for a few shows.

Episode 84 features our Christopher Lee Tribute and horror movie reviews of the vampire comedy What We Do In the Shadows and the werewolf flicks Wolf Cop and Late Phases.

It’s Monster Men episode 83! This time we’re discussing It Follows, Maggie, Zombeavers and Girl House. You won’t want to miss this show or these flicks.

What to Do During “The Walking Dead” Mid-Season Hiatus


WHAT??? No Walking Dead until February 2014? What are you gonna do?

Now that The Walking Dead as gone on its mid-season hiatus, you might be looking for some other zombie related entertainment to get you through the next couple of months. If you look online you’ll find hundreds of Top Ten Zombie Movie lists, but there are really only a few that you should seek out immediately.

Night of the Living Dead: This is pretty obvious, but if you go back and watch this again, you can see just how far the genre has come. There are actually two versions of this movie, and they are both worth watching. The original, black and white version is where George Romero gave birth to the modern version of the zombie and the notion that destroying the brain was the key to stopping them. The other version is the 1990 version that’s in color. While it may seem sacrilegious to remake a classic, this one is a pretty nice update of the original.