About Monster Men

Welcome to Monster Men: Where Horror Hangs Out

A lighthearted conversation about dark topics. Two buddies talking horror and the paranormal. Pull up a seat and join the conversation.

The Monster Men Video Podcast covers horror, the paranormal, Sci-fi and other pop culture topics with a sense of humor and the macabre. Hosted by author Hunter Shea and Jack Campisi. You can follow us as we cruise down the highway to hell on Facebook and our YouTube Channel.

Monster Men Set   Bobble Heads

MM R2D2  MM Union Cemetery

6 thoughts on “About Monster Men

  1. Thanks for your recent interview with Lyle Blackburn. He’s a cool and talented guy. But, Jack, Hillary Clinton is Not a monster! Was digging this show, until she was mentioned. 💙🇺🇸

  2. Great Bigfoot episode! I love the ugly sweater and the plaster on the desk. One omission was Capture the Bigfoot From 1979. I saw it in the movies with my parents and remember wondering why they agreed to take me but feeling lucky that they said yes when I asked them. At $2.50 a ticket a night out at the movies for the whole family back then was a big deal. I’m going to catch up on some squatch movies next week. Thanks for giving me a few titles to look for.

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