Monster Men Ep. 66: Interview with Keith Rommel, Author and Screenwriter


Cursed Men, Fallen Angels and the ever present shadow of death. On this new Monster Men we welcome back our buddy Keith Rommel. The movie of his book The Cursed Man is coming soon, and you won’t want to miss his other novels.

Keith is an award winning author, screenwriter and all around great guy. He’s definitely a Monster Man. Keith authored the critically acclaimed dark suspense Thanatology Series which includes The Cursed Man, The Lurking Man and The Sinful Man. (As well as the upcoming novel, The Silent Woman.) He has also dabbled in psychological crime with the fast-paced You Killed My Brother and the mythological novel entitled Among The People. Among the People tells the story of a fallen angel hiding on Earth, and the terrible secret he discovered in hell.

Keith is the co-screenplay writer for The Cursed Man movie being produced as a major motion picture under the same title. Coming soon. No doubt, the Monster Men will be first in line.

Episode 53 : An Interview with Horror Author Robert Stava


Arrrrrgggh! We’re back with another interview, this time with author Robert Stava to talk about his newest book, THE FEAST OF ST. ANNE. This is book 2 in his mysterious Wyvern Falls series. Truly strange and creepy stuff.


Before we get to the interview, here’s a little about the book :

Welcome back to the village of Wyvern Falls, here along the Hudson in that sleepy region with the witching influence in the air. This second novel in the ‘Hudson Horror Series’, ‘The Feast of Saint Anne’ brings you not one but four terrifying tales of the supernatural set in their yearly carnival: In “The Red Baron’s Daughter” two boys get more history than they bargained for when a Fortune Teller draws them into the web of a monster with its origins in the deadly skies of the Western Front, circa 1918. Can CID detective John Easton save them from an even grimmer fate? With ‘The Lonely Dancers’ an upcoming band finally show up for their gig – thirty years after they were killed in a tragic accident. Will local musician Nick Carr unravel this murder mystery or is he doomed to relive their tale? The third story, “Lorenzo King and the Dunderberg Imp” takes a new spin on an old Washington Irving classic when a failing New York media hound finds himself in the worst, and deadliest, assignment of his life. But can he outwit this much nastier version of Irving’s river goblin and show everyone who the King really is? And in the final tale, “Hey Dummy!” local Art Director Jim Franks and his girlfriend cross paths with what appears to be an old-fashioned vaudeville act. Only neither ventriloquist nor dummy are what they seem and the answer to their awful secret lies over sixty years in the past with a New Guinea witchdoctor… Four tales. One hair-raising novel. The Feast of Saint Anne.