Monster Men Episode 51 : The Blumhouse of Horror!

Are you a fan of Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Sinister, The Purge, The Bay, The Lords of Salem? If you answered yes to any – or all – of those movies, you have Blumhouse Productions to thank. In this episode, Jack and Hunter explore the filmography of possibly the most important and relevant filmmakers in horror today.

3 thoughts on “Monster Men Episode 51 : The Blumhouse of Horror!

  1. As usual, I watched with a pen in hand and a browser window open.I’ll be linking to this on NetNet, with a list of the movies you mention which are currently available via streaming and/or Redbox. In the meantime, I will be watching flicks.

    Hey, where do you prefer to get comments? Here? Hunter’s blog? Facebook? Ad if so, which one?

    • Hi Renae, First, thanks for watching and commenting. You are the best. As far as where to post comments, I’d say wherever you’d like. We are trying to build up this new Monster Men site, so comments here are very much appreciated. Facebook comments are probably the most visible and likely to get someone else to chime in. I’d say comment on Hunter’s blog when it’s an article he wrote for that site and over hear for Monster Men stuff. (And Facebook as often as you’d like. LIKE, get it?)

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