Horror Movie Roundup


Hunter here. As promised, I’ve been watching at least 1 horror flick a day all October long. I’m a little over 40 movies coming into the home stretch. Big shout out to James Herbert, Jason Brant, Anthony Rivas, Spence Dunnings, Ben C. Smith and so many others who have participated in the Horrortober madness!

With just a few days to go, I’m going to wrap myself around Halloween, The Funhouse, The Haunting and Friday the 13th. I thought I’d share some of the quick recaps and ratings (my bizarre 1 of 9 tana leaves, for you Mummy fans) of some of the movie’s I’ve watched so far. Maybe you’ll sneak one in before Halloween.

TRICK R TREAT. The gateway drug for horror nubies. Creepshow’s red headed stepchild. 7 of 9 tana leaves.

Got my monster on last night. CLOVERFIELD. Lovecraft devours NY. Love it. 8 of 9 tana leaves.

THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN – possession but on a WTF scale. 7 of 9 tana leaves.

MOTEL HELL – best damned smoked meats in the county! Love this flick. 8 of 9 tana leaves.


Ah, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR – the real deal may have been phony, but the flick still scares. 8 of 9 tana leaves.

Well, finally saw ANNABELLE. Not as bad as some folks say. Had some genuine scares. Creepy ass demon!  7 of 9 tana leaves.

Ti West’s latest, THE SACRAMENT. There’s a new Jim Jones in town. Well done. 8 of 9 tana leaves.

Watched MAY..excellent flick by Lucky McKee. Watch it…now. 8 of 9 tana leaves.

Revisted CANDYMAN for . Sweets for the sweet. 8 of 9 tana leaves. V Madsen burned up the screen.

I finally got to watch CHEAP THRILLS last night. Worth the wait. 8 of 9 tana leaves!

cheap thrills

So, what have you all been watching?

Horrortober Movie Reviews By Real Horror Fans


Jack here with some more Horrortober reviews for you.

(1960) A nice melodramatic Netflix #Horrortober pick for old school horror fans & students of the vampire genre.

My Review
I have not seen Black Sunday since I was a kid, a million years ago. It was fun to revisit it on Netfilx. One of the most striking visuals in horror is the wide-eyed, hauntingly beautiful image of Barbara Steele’s face as the vampire witch who returns from the grave for revenge. This movie is an atmospheric classic and a must see for vampire fans that want to discover the roots of the genre. Not the best movie in the world, but an important part of horror cinema history.


Just rewatched that freaking awesome season premiere of The Walking Dead. Perfect #Horrortober TV. What a kick ass episode.

terminus-map-the-walking-deadMy Review
If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, like me, you probably love the show but get frustrated at times at the pace of some of the stretches. Then an episode like the season premier comes along and reminds you just why you adore this program. This episode was one of the best ever.

This one had it all. Action packed. Dramatic and tense moments. Heart warming reunions. Blood and gore. Eugene’s mullet. Bad-ass Carol.

 Let me repeat that last one. Bad-ass Carol.


Here are some tweets from our Monster Friends who have joined in on the Horrortober Madness on Twitter. What a great variety of horror movies to choose from.

Please follow these guys on Twitter and check out their web sites and join in by using hashtag #Horrortober. And don’t forget to retweet and favorite as you go.

Frankenstein’s Army.
Cool creatures. That’s it. Shouldn’t have anything to do with Frankenstein. Shouldn’t be found footage. #horrortober

1977 – Atmospheric, understated, and enigmatic. A moody, PRE-Apocalyptic masterpiece. #horrortober

1964 – even dubbed from the original Italian it still delivers. Plus BARBARA STEEL! #Horrortober

The Innkeepers
. Hotels are always the best setting for a ghost story. 8 out of 9 skeletons #horrortober #monstermen #horror #horrormovie

going to continue the #horrortober goodness with a Vincent Price classic, The House on Haunted Hill!

going to watch the @hammerfilms classic, Horror of Dracula #horrortober

going to watch one of my favorite films ever, The Nightmare Before Christmas. A must watch during the Halloween season! #Horrortober

going to watch Birth of the Living Dead, a documentary on George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. The doc is on @netflix #horrortober

Take a Chilling Walk Down EXORCIST ROAD


Exorcist road

Whoa! I just finished reading Jonathan Janz’s latest book, a novella called EXORCIST ROAD. If you want a book that will scare the living daylights out of you this #Horrortober, this is the one to do it. A possessed boy may also be a maniac known as The Sweet Sixteen Killer. The addition of the serial killer mystery thrown into the wild mix of a night battling demonic forces makes this one of Janz’s best. Serioulsy, download this to your e-reader now. You can thank me later.

Hammer Time in #Horrortober


Hammer Time!

Jack here with some more #Horrortober reviews. I’ve been on a bit of an old Hammer Horror kick, which has been a blast. Plus, I tracked down a movie I have been hearing about for a while, THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES. Hunter saw it too. Wow.

Here’s what I have been watching. I provide my tweet and then a quick comment on each movie.

Taste the Blood of Dracula

 @BackinJack Tweet Review
Taste the Blood of Dracula:
Schlocky Christopher Lee fun for #horrortober – one of the funniest climaxes to a #Dracula flick.

Taste the Blood of Dracula: This is one of those classic Christopher Lee Dracula movies where Dracula is not in it as much as you’d like, but when he is, he is one mean dude. It features the typical assortment of beautiful Hammer women and uptight Englishmen. This flick has some great moments and one of the funniest finales ever in a Dracula movie.

Note: I got a DVD with four Christopher Lee Dracula movies for about 8 bucks on Amazon. A great Horrortober investment, if you ask me.

Taste The Blood of Dracula

Taste this, Count!

Twins of Evil

@BackinJack Tweet Review
Two times the fun for #Horrortober w TWINS OF EVIL. Classic Hammer horror. Sexy twins, over the top vampires & crazy puritans.

Twins of Evil: This is one of those racy Hammer vampire flicks with lots of sexuality, cleavage and a little nudity. It’s also got a pack of crazy, witch burning puritan’s lead by Peter Cushing. It was fun to revisit this one after a very long time.

Twins of Evil

May I see the Twins?

Dracula AD 1972

@BackinJack Tweet Review
Funky 70’s #Horrortober action w DRACULA A.D. 1972 – It’s got Cushing, Hammer horror hotties & Christopher Lee for 10 min.

Dracula AD 1972: This is one of the most maligned of the Christopher Lee Dracula movies, mostly because Lee only gets about 10 minutes of screen time. However, I get a kick out of this movie. It plays as a direct sequel to Horror of Dracula and ignores all the other Dracula movies in between. I think it does not drag like some of the other movies can in places. Once again we have Dracula resurrected, but this time it’s in modern times. It’s got Peter Cushing as Van Helsing’s descendent and more sexy Hammer hotties. Not a great movie, but a pretty good Dracula vs. Van Helsing showdown at the end.

Dracula AD 1972 Beacham Lee

1972 and Drac is still scoring with the babes.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes

@BackinJack Tweet Review
Took the #horrortober advice of @huntershea1 and saw THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES. Now that is a horror movie. Whew. Not for the squeamish.

I have been hearing about this found footage movie, The Poughkeepsie Tapes for a few years now. Hunter Shea recently managed to find it and see it and I followed suit immediately. Now I see what all the fuss is about. This is a pretty edgy horror film in the vein of Megan is Missing and Maniac. Not for the squeamish, but a must see for true horror fans.


The Strain

@BackinJack Tweet Review
Finished season 1 of The Strain. Started slow, got better. An ok to show to DVR. Silly fun. Unlikable characters. #Horrortober

I almost bailed on The Strain halfway through the first season. It’s kind of hokey and I did not like a single character on the show. But I stuck with it. I will say, it did get better in the second half. I am still not in love with the show, but I find it a good one to DVR and watch when there is nothing else on.

The Bleeding House & The Vagrants – #Horrortober Reviews


Bleeding House

Aaaarrrrgggghhh! Hunter checking in. So far, I’ve watched 14 horror flicks this month and have read half the books on my #Horrortober reading list. Well, well, well, I found this little gem from 2011 on Netflix last night. A very well-crafted indie horror flick about a family with a strange past who takes in a kind gentlemanly stranger. What ensues may be a bit predictable, but it’s so well acted and lovingly shot, you’ll fall in love with this murderous little tale.

The vagrants

It’s no secret that I think Brian Moreland is one of the best new horror writers on the planet. And he’s an ultra cool dude. It was so hard holding myself back from reading his lastest novella, THE VAGRANTS, until this month. When a writer stumbles upon a charismatic cult leader amassing the homeless across the country, very bad things are bound to follow. THE VAGRANTS is gripping reading that will make you fear subway tunnels and abandoned houses! A must read for the Halloween season!

New and Old School #Horrortober Flicks: Excision and Black Sabbath


Jack here with a couple of Horrortober movie reviews.

@BackinJack Tweet:
Black Sabbath
, not the band, the 1963 horror anthology w Boris Karloff as host & a vampire. Old school fun for #Horrortober

I watched Black Sabbath today. This 1963 horror anthology film is available on Netflix and is a fun, old school Halloween season movie. It features Boris Karloff as the host/narrator and he also stars in the third and longest segment, a vampire story. A very interesting chapter in this horror legend’s career.

black sabbath

Boris Karloff gets ahead.

@BackinJack Tweet:
is a bizarre, bloody drama horror film w an all-star cast led by a stellar AnnaLynne McCord. Weird. 3 out of 5 claws. #Horrortober

The first Horrortober movie for me was Excision. (2012) This movie is about a disturbed high school student with medical aspirations and her bizarre, bloody fantasies. It’s a strange movie that is worth a look for a couple of reasons. First, the gorgeous AnnaLynne McCord is practically unrecognizable as the lead and does a great job carrying the film. Second, there is an all-star cast including Traci Lords, Ariel Winter, Malcolm McDowell, Matthew Gray Gubler, Marlee Matlin, Ray Wise, and John Waters.


AnnaLynne wants to play doctor.

Kicking #Horrortober Off with Jug Face and Mixed Media


Jug_Face_Movie_PosterHowdy ghouls. Hunter here. My month long holiday has begun! We here at Monster Men central are going to be posting reviews on movies and books, along with guest reviews by some kick ass authors, all throughout October.

I thought I’d start the party with a very quick review of the indie flick, JUG FACE. I’d heard a lot of good things about this one. Backwards rednecks in the woods worshipping some kind of sludge in a pit. I assume the reviewers who crowed about it were drunk on moonshine. It’s ok if you have Netflix and time to kill. A must see for incest fans.

Now, if you want to read an excellent short story that will tickle your Twilight Zone bone, check out MIXED MEDIA by Aniko Carmean. I loved it and hear she has a lot of new stuff coming out. Stay tuned.