Scary Booze to Drink in the Dark


Monster Men Ep: 145 – A Halloween Tasting Show

Bottoms up, Monster Friends! It’s that time of year again. Time for the Monster Men to sample a variety of horror themed foods and beverages including Walking Dead and Octopoda wine, Crystal Head vodka, Zombie Skittles and Bigfoot Ale. All served with a side of Boo Berry, of course.

These never end well.

Since it’s Halloween, many of these will be treats and other will be horrors. (Hint: More horrors.) Join us we indulge in a banquet of the macabre.

Happy Halloween!


Raise Your Glasses


You’re gonna love this one. It’s the Monster Men wine episode. We’ve selected a line of monster themed wines to taste. Ghostly White, Blood Red and Zombie Zin. Will these wines be divine or are they from the vineyards in hell? You are sure to enjoy our reactions to each of these fine selections.