The Vegetarian Werewolf! Monster Men Ep. 79: Scary Stories for Kids with Robert Holt

On this episode of Monster Men, we welcome author Robert Holt, who has written a new children’s horror book, The Vegetarian Werewolf and Other Stories. We discuss the book, his writing process and the difference between writing horror for kids vs. adults. You see, Robert has also written an adult horror novel called Death’s Disciples. So he has something for everyone, young and old. We also talk about horror for kids in general and cover such classics as Goodebumps, Scooby Doo, Abbott and Costello, The Monster Squad and Scary Stories.

Speaking of Scary Stories, Robert is also part of an effort to get a documentary made about the famous and controversial kid’s horror books, Scary Stories. We discuss this project and we encourage you to help support the cause at

Here’s a link to purchase The Vegetarian Werewolf:


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